Every organization across virtually every industry is feeling pressure to digitally transform their businesses in order to differentiate in the market and stave of new, emerging competition. Unfortunately the traditional mix of collaboration, team, task, project and business process management tools are struggling to deliver the balance of cohesive, flexible and extensible work processes teams need. Today’s modern workplaces need a way of building automated processes that span across different systems and applications so that their tactical workflows can be elevated into a strategic operations, giving them new ways to think about business agility, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

In this session, Chris, Rand and Matt will discuss the trends, pain points and opportunities around workflow and content management. Learn how Nintex and Box are teaming up to enable modern enterprises to:

• Enable collaboration and process automation across the extended enterprise
• Automate the generation of documents and speed time to value
• Leverage embeddable forms to capture data to enrich your content assets
• Securely and compliantly manage content for every industry and geography
• Orchestrate content-related processes across the apps you already work in
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Automating, Orchestrating, and Optimizing Your Cloud Content Management with Box


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