Large and small enterprises alike are adopting Digital Transaction Management (DTM) and Workflow and Content Automation (WCA) as a means to digitally manage a wide range of document-centric business processes involving people, documents, data, and transactions both inside and outside an organization. Replacing paper documents with electronic ones like contracts can have a high impact on time to value – from accelerated revenue to improved customer experiences. Getting rid of paper is tactical, but the impact is strategic. In this session, Jim Lundy of Aragon Research together with [Insert name of DocuSign] and Matt Fleckenstein of Nintex will discuss the value of digitizing paper-based processes and will showcase how automated contract lifecycle management can positively impact business outcomes.
Learn how Nintex and DocuSign have teamed up to:

• Easily assemble a document or a series of documents for e-signature
• Address the needs for document security and compliance
• Route documents for action using workflow
• Enable collaboration inside and outside the enterprise
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A Look Into Advanced Digital Transaction Management: How DocuSign and Nintex are Automating the Enterprise


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