Saroeum Phoung

Founder and CEO
PointOneNorth Consulting LLC

Saroeum Phoung is the Founder and CEO of PointOneNorth Consulting LLC, which provides individuals, teams and organizations the tools to create a roadmap to their desired destination, or “true north.”  Saroeum has developed a unique, innovative human and business development framework guided by the “Peacemaking Circle Process” taught to him in 1999 by the First Nation Tagish Tlingit. This trans-disciplinary approach provides an innovative, holistic, paradigm-shifting method to move people from a culture of conflict to one of true partnership. Saroeum brought Peacemaking Circles to Seattle and has been leading the Peacemaking Circles movement, working in partnership with various individuals, communities, and institutions including the Juvenile Justice System to design an alternative diversion program utilizing Peacemaking Circle Process.

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