Lisa Rezac

Founder and Owner
Team Come True

Lisa Rezac is the founder and owner of Team Come True. The mission of Team Come True is to strengthen the bonds of a team through the learning’s of team building programs and by giving back to the community they live and work in.

Lisa’s expertise is drawn from her diverse background of leading hundreds of team building events, her years in TV production coordinating on live and filmed productions, and her experience as a classically trained actress and improv performer. She has delivered over 150 programs to 2,500 people at Fortune 100 companies within all sectors of business. These include PayPal, Electronic Arts, Linkedin, Microsoft,
Chevron, Exxon, Medtronic, Colorado State University, Visa, Yahoo, Google, Pfizer, Dow, Genentech, Rambus, Wells Fargo, UPS, Intuit and Apple, to name a few.

Lisa is inspired by mission and purpose, both for herself and others. Whether by delivering a charitable team-building event, fundraising for a non-profit or bringing awareness to a cause, she is motivated with the intention to make the biggest difference to the individual and the community. She is excited about other people having breakthroughs and ultimately bettering their business and personal relationships.  Her goal is for people to walk away from her trainings with fresh insights and to see a new
way of doing things.

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