Diane Allen

Diane knows the personal barriers that keep people from operating in their A-Game, especially when it matters most. Unlike other peak performance speakers, Diane is not an athlete. She was the concertmaster (the lead violin player) of the Central Oregon Symphony for 15 years where she was expected to be in her A-Game. Any mistake on her part immediately caused a negative ripple effect throughout the orchestra. Being on stage well over 1,000 times, Diane has a proven track record which she now passionately shares as the 3 critical steps to Own Your A-Game.

Diane and her husband live in beautiful Bend, OR. Empty nesters, their son is a budding pilot. When not speaking, Diane can be found out on a hike, cross-country skiing, or attending live music events. And while she finds sewing a button the most challenging thing on the planet, she’ll drop everything to volunteer for non-profits and vulnerably share stories that can bring levity and profound understanding to difficult topics.

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