Speakers: Josh Slye, Judy Bongi, John Stephens, Kushagra Vaid, Gwen Houston, Shelby Aura, Grad Conn

9:15 – 9:45am, Procurement Keynote with Judy Bongi & John Stephens 

Hear from Procurements own John Stephens and Judy Bongi share our FY17 key successes and impact and FY18 strategic priorities to deliver even greater success across the enterprise. 

10 – 10:30am, Delivering Innovations via Collaborative Partnerships with Kushagra Vaid, Microsofts Distinguished Engineer 

Kushagra will provide Microsoft’s preferred suppliers with overview of Azure cloud infrastructure trends, new technology directions and areas of investment for FY18 and beyond. He will deliver insights into what makes for a successful supplier engagement leading to a win-win situation and strong collaboration on strategic objectives. Suppliers should gain an understanding of Microsoft hardware strategy for Cloud infrastructure and how Suppliers can align with our direction. Suppliers will also learn how to engage successfully for driving a deeper strategic engagement model. 

10:30 – 11am, Helping Microsoft Digitally Transform with Grad Conn, GM, MSUS, M&O 

The world is digitally transforming. Grad will provide an overview of what that means and how Microsoft is changing to keep up with these changes. With this transformation, how will that affect how Microsoft is conducting business internally? Grad will provide MSP Suppliers with insight into what Microsoft needs from our preferred Suppliers with regards to technical talent, security, and other areas to help Suppliers understand how best to work with Microsoft going forward. 

11:15 – 11:45am, Fireside Chat: Microsoft & Delta Air lines on Inclusive Cultures 

Microsoft and Delta Air lines executives share real experiences around why we care about inclusion, and discuss how we build more inclusive cultures